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INDUSTRIAL MOSAIC COURSE (basic in person course)

Course duration: 18 hours

Place: Scuola In Tessere, Via della Stazione 32, Narni Scalo (Tr)
Type of lessons: live in person lessons

Teacher: Tiziana Mondini 

Participants: from 1 to 8 persons maximum

Certificate of nominal participation at the end of the course.

Synthetic program of the course: 

- History of the mosaic
- Practice exercises and various installation methods
- Study of execution's techniques
- Selection and creation of designs and drawings
- Execution of a n Industrial mosaic artwork

Equipment available to students: tagliolo, hammer, pincer, tweezers, and all the necessary tools for learning and practicing the art of mosaic.

Materials available to students: marble, enamel, glass, terracotta.

Cost: 200 for an 18-hours course.

It is advisable to attend the course with comfortable clothing.

The fulfilment of all the security measures and standards required by the Italian Government concerning the training courses in presence are guaranteed.

N.B. In this period of sanitary emergency should the lessons be interrupted due to new laws and/ or local restrictions regarding training courses in attendance you can decide for:

- refund of the hours not given due to any Government restrictions
- postponement of lessons to a later date and creation of a new schedule.

For any special requirements for payment methods please send us an email to

At the end of the Industrial Basic Mosaic Course it will be possible to buy and attend the following course to get more knowledge about this special mosaic technique.

The mosaic school In Tessere is available to accompany students who have chosen to learn the art of pebbles mosaic and answer their questions, doubts or listen to their considerations about the course purchased.