Different formats: mosaic tiles, tesserae and slabs

Discover our huge selection of tesserae and mosaic tiles for art and craft, ideal for spread your artistic creativity. Our mosaic art tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes, perfect for any mosaic projects. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our mosaic tiles will allow you to create unique works of art. Explore our range and start your mosaic project today with premium mosaic tiles.




    An extensive palette with 50 vibrant colors offered in two versatile formats: already hand-cut marble tesserae or marble tiles and slabs to customize and cut to your desired format. Available in 1 kg bags for your creative projects.

    All marble tiles 

    61 colors available (35 matte colors and 26 glossy colors) in tiles (2x2 cm) or slabs (10x10 cm).

    Ceramic mosaic tiles can be cut independently using appropriate nippers to obtain other sizes according to the project's needs.

    Tutte le tessere e lastre in ceramica 

    120 colors in 2x2 cm tiles. Mosaic glass tiles, exclusively sourced from the furnaces of Venice and Murano, can be cut independently according to the format required for your project.

    Coming soon... Available for pre-sale: contact us scuolamosaico@intessere.com

  • Top quality professional craft mosaic tiles

    The mosaic tiles in marble, ceramic, and glass are professional-grade materials of the highest quality that ensure top-level performance. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, they exhibit high resistance even in extreme weather conditions, such as harsh winters or high temperatures.

  • Different kind of marble tiles for mosaic format available

    Special sizes available on order.

    The mosaic tiles and slabs in marble, ceramic, and glass are available in various standard sizes. They can be trimmed with nippers to obtain different formats. UPON REQUEST AND BY ORDER, we can provide sizes different from those available on our website.

    For specific inquiries, please contact us at scuolamosaico@intessere.com

The artistic cutting of mosaic tiles

The uniqueness of the mosaic tiles provided by our school is the ARTISTIC CUT, which can only be achieved if done by hand with a hammer and hardie or with tile nippers and a wedge.

Our mosaic tiles have irregular dimensions precisely because of this type of cutting, making them more suitable for artistic mosaic work.

Our production is not mass-produced, but rather entirely artisanal and artistic.

Everything for making mosaic



Mosaic kits for adults, both for beginners and expert: learn how to... 

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Mosaic tesserae and tiles for crafts

Mosaic tiles for crafts and arworks

Indulge in the artistry of mosaic crafts with our exquisite range of mosaic tiles for crafts and tesserae. Discover the perfect mosaic tiles for your creative designs, whether you're in Australia, the UK, Canada, Ireland or any place in the world: we ship worldwide. For those seeking mosaic tiles for sale, our collection offers a delightful array, ideal for DIY projects and professional designs alike. Explore our mosaic tiles crafted for unique designs and expressive creations.