1 kg bags of already cut marble tiles.

    Each marble tile has a size ranging from 1 x 1 cm to 1 x 2 cm approximately , with a thickness of approximately 0.5 cm each.

    This slight variation is due to the artistic and manual cutting(cutting and hammer).

    Tiles are ready to be used . Individual tiles can be touched up if necessary, using mosaic pliers.

  • tessere e tasselli mosaico colorati già tagliati


    Bags of 1 kg with slabs for building marble mosaics to be cut independently.

    Each marble slab has a size of approximately 5 x 5 x 1 cm .

    The slabs are to be cut independently with a cutter and a hammer to obtain the desired size.


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The highest price is €9,70

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Note on the tiles' format

Each marble tile has a size ranging from 1 x 1 cm to 1 x 2 cm approximately, with a thickness of approximately 0.5 cm each.

This slight variation is given by the artistic and manual cut of the same (cutter and hammer) which makes each tile unique.

A note on the colors and tones of the marbles

The colors shown in the samples and in the product catalog may be slightly different from the ones you purchased.

Marble is a natural material therefore the color may have slight variations in shades.

Each slab has its own peculiarities, infinite little variations in nuance, streaks and veins, that are impossible to catalog.

Already cut marble tiles in bags

In Tessere school of mosaics offers a wide choice of marble tiles or slabs for making mosaics.

More than 30 variations of pearl colors creating artistic mosaics of the highest quality.

The tesserae and slabs are handcrafted and hand-cut with a trap and hammer.

Minimum order: 5 kg (even in different colors).

Request our samples

It is possible to request a sample of our marbles for mosaics (tiles or slabs).

We remind you that the colors of the marbles vary from slab to slab being a natural geological material.

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In addition to the marble also the tools

It is also possible to buy the tools for making mosaics: a complete set with tools and professional tools

Mosaic tools set

set of mosaic equipment suitable for any type of mosaic technique and processing.

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Collection: Marble tiles for mosaic


The School of Mosaic In Tessere in addition to provide courses and tutorials to learn the art of mosaic, also provides the tools and materials for making mosaic in a professional way

You can purchase the professional mosaic tool set but also the marble mosaic tiles.

A wide range of marble mosaic tiles available in bags of 1 kg (already cut by hand) or in slabs (to be cut independently).

Marble for artistic mosai: tesserae, tiles and slabs

Our mosaic tiles and tesserae and slabs are made of marble or stone coming from different Italian and foreign quarries, cut by hand, two sides sawn and two sides split, that is, sliced by hand.

The marble mosaic can be purchased on our website is available in bags 1 kg (minimum order 5 bags).

You can buy mosaic marble in:

  • MOSAIC TILES already cut: each tile's dimensions are 1 x 2 x 0.5 cm aprox (bag of 1 kg).
  • MOSAIC SLABS to cut: each slab's dimensions are 5 x 5 x 1 cm aprox  (bag of 1 kg).
  • Both solutions are useful to cover an area of about 20 x 50 cm.
  • Each marble tile has a size ranging from 1 x 1 cm to 1 x 2 cm, with a thickness of about 0.5 cm each. This slight variation is given by the artistic and manual cut of the same (tagliolo and hammer).
  • The slubs contained in a bag can be cut to get aproximately 500 tiles.



More than 30 color variations for infinite mosaic combinations.

The colors of the marble ordered may vary slightly compared to the samples and photos on the site. This is due to the fact that marble is a natural material resulting from millennial geological processes that define the characteristics of color, presence or absence of veins, etc.

Each plate has its own peculiarities, streaks and veins of tone that make it unique.

The hand-cut tiles reflect the canons of tradition and artistic production, no tile is in fact equal to the other, characteristic of the craftsmanship of the product.

***Minimum order: 5 kg.

In case of larger quantities or different types of cut you can request a customized quote by sending an email to: school mosaico@intessere.com or writing on whatsapp: