Mosaic Tools: the complete mosaic tool kit

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If you love to make mosaic and want to become a real professional mosaicist here is the complete mosaic tools kit equipped with all the necessery professional tools for making mosaic using any technique and processing.

The complete mosaic tool kit consists of:

n. 1 mosaic pincer for the cutting of enamel and ceramic tiles,
n. 1 mosaic cutter pincer for cutting marble tiles,
n. 1 special curved mosaic tweezers to place smaller tiles,
n. 1 double hammer with a steel part for cutting marble and a widia part for cutting enamel tiles,
n. 1 steel leghold trap,
n. 3 spatulas of different types to spread the adhesive,
n. 1 sample of marbles,
n. 1 kg 3 adhesive suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, for marble, enamel and ceramic.

The mosaic tools provided by In Tessere mosaic school are the tools used by professional mosaicists and mosaic student to make any kind of mosaic (with marble or glass).

The set is suitable for both hobbyist and professionalmosaic lovers and it is equipped with professional tools of the best brand.

We garantee highest quality of materials, resistance and professional precision.

Get the complete mosaic tools kit in a few days at home.

We ship to Italy (free shipping in Italy!) and rest of the world!