The mosaic kits for adults are designed and created by the Italian School of mosaic In Tessere. Our kits are inspired by Roman tradition and the history of art: Roman, Byzantine and modern mosaic styles.

Our mosaic kits are handmade and they have been designed as professional tools for adults (beginners or expert levels) to study the art of mosaic in its essence.

With our mosaic kits you will learn:

  • about mosaic trends and constructive techniques,
  • how to cut tiles with special tools,
  • how to build a real mosaic by yourself.

Suitable for mosaic and art lovers, these mosaic kits for adults can be used by everyone and are the best mosaic starter kit you can purchase online!

We ship worldwide within few days.

kit mosaico per fare mosaico a casa


The complete In Tessere mosaic kit is a professional mosaic kit equipped with professional and high-quality tools: Each mosaic kit contains:

  • Brochure with detailed Instruction (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish).
  • Drawing of the selcted artwork,
  • Hand-cut marble mosaic tiles in various colors,
  • Fiberglass mesh,
  • Transparent film,
  • Spatula,
  • Mosaic tongs,
  • Glue (adhesive mortar),
  • Online video-tutorial.
collorare le tessere di marmo correttamente


Mosaic art kits for adults advanced and beginner mosaicists

With our do-it-yourself mosaic kits, you will be able to discover the world of mosaic art in a practical and fun way and quickly learn how to create your own mosaic wherever you are!

Each kit comes with a brochures (various languages to choose) and a video tutorial that will accompany you step by step in the composition of the work with detailed instructions. These mosaic kits are suitable for experts and beginners too.

brochure illustrativa contenuta nel kit mosaico


Modern, Byzantine and Roman mosaic kits

In Tessere offers a wide range of designs, which are inspired by mosaic’s tradition or by the contemporary art. The kits can be handled and made by everyone without age limits nor expertice levels. Lots of the drawing have been invented by our school.

Our mosaics have different dimenstion: we offer lots of sizes from the smallest 10x10 cm (4x4 inches) up to the largest ones 50x70 cm (20x27 inches).

dettaglio mosaico finito


Make your own mosaic kit: personalize mosaic kits

disegno del kit mosaico picasso personalizzato


You can personalized your mosiac kit by sending us a picture of the required subjetc. We will create your own and customized mosaic kits for you to etransfor any of your photos in a real mosaic!

After purchasing the Customized mosaic kit  send us an email ( with the the selected photo.

kit personalizzato cagnolino


Handmade mosaic kits for adults

In Tessere mosaic school individually creates all of the kits and mosaic sets produced. Following the creative processes of the ancient tradition of mosaic art, each marble tile is created by carving a bigger marble stone using a chisel and hammer.

Discover all our mosaic art kits for adults and complete mosaic sets available now and ready for shipment.

Choose, buy and receive your kit within 7–10 working days (all over the world).

scatola kit mosaico fai da te adulti

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