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Advanced Roman mosaic course (in Umbria)

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Advanced Roman Mosaic course - 80 hours (10 days) at the In Tessere school

Course + created works + mosaic tools set

Course of 80 hours (10 days) at Scuola In Tessere, Via della Stazione 32, Narni Scalo (TR), Italy.

80% practical, 20% theoretical lessons in presence. Each student is followed by the teacher as if he were following a private lesson. Personalized and individual training courses.

Customizable calendar: course start date + subdivision of daily lesson hours chosen by the student. The school configures its mosaic courses as personalized and tailor-made training courses for its students.

Teacher: Tiziana Mondini, master mosaicist and artist with over 20 years of experience

Certification: at the end of the course a nominal certificate will be issued with an indication of the type of course and hours attended.

The works performed during the course will remain with the student.

Materials and equipment necessary for carrying out the course provided by the school.

Course enrollment includes:

  • participation in the course according to the agreed timetable,
  • 1 mosaic tool set as a gift,
  • 1 video-tutorial with a step-by-step explanation of the chosen mosaic technique,
  • paper handouts for the theoretical study of the mosaic and its history*.

*The tools listed above will remain the property of each student even after the course.

Synthetic program of the course:

  • history of the mosaic,
  • Exercises and various laying methodologies,
  • Study of execution techniques (2 technique you can choose).
  • Choice and realization of the sketch,
  • Execution of a Roman mosaic work.

You can buy the entire course or pay only the course registration fee : €85 non-refundable by clicking here.

If only the enrollment fee is purchased, it will then be possible to pay the remainder on site the day before the start of the course.


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  • marble,
  • glass,
  • ceramic,
  • terracotta.


The course is taught in Italian by the teacher Tiziana Mondini.

Possibility of simultaneous translation into English by a professional translator present during the lessons.


The mosaic school in Tessere is open all year round and follows national holidays.

Opening time:

From Monday to Friday:

8:30-13: 00 // 14: 30-17:00

Saturday by appointment only (

Closed on Sunday.

Summer holidays: 1-31 August


The In Tessere mosaic school offers telephone and email support included in the price during the duration of course and the creation of the mosaic.

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studentessa spagnola durante il corso di mosaico bizantino nella Scuola di mosaico In Tessere

Personalized calendar

Each of our courses is an individual course where the student decides both the starting date and the calendar of the lessons.

The student can decide the number of hours of lessons per day and the division into several weeks, according to their needs.

Kits for studying and practicing mosaic

Practical mosaic kits made by our school as tools for studying and practicing the mosaic art. All kits are equipped with materials, professional tools and video-tutorials.

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