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Request your custom mosaic kit: ask to create your own mosaic by sending us any subject you want!

Send us a photo of the subject for which you wish to receive the customized mosaic kit. We will prepare your custom mosaic kit ready to be made!

- We translate the image you sent into a preparatory sketch for the mosaic with the drawing of the tiles and the study of the trends already indicated.

- We cut the marble tiles manually looking for marbles colours as similar as possible to the colors of the image sent (there can be slightly differences due to the nature of the marble stone).

- We bag the tiles divided by color and equip the box with all the materials and tools necessary for the realization of your custom work.

The complete mosaic kit includes:

  • Various marble tiles cut by hand
  • No. 1 pincer;
  • No. 1 spatula;
  • No. 1 drawing of the chosen work;
  • No. 1 fiberglass net;
  • No. 1 glue;
  • No. 1 sheet of transparent film;
  • No. 1 illustrative brochure (in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German) with all the steps to be carried out for making the chosen mosaic.

"Gift Pack" available.

Dimensions of the finished work: 40x50 cm approximately (16x18 inches approximately)

Materials: marble mosaic tiles

Code: PERS

The mosaics made with our DIY mosaic kits are suitable for outdoors and indoors. They can be placed wherever you want, such as hung on a wall, on the floor or placed on the table as a painting.

The "DIY" mosaic kits by In Tessere mosaic school are a new idea both for beginners and expert mosaic lovers. They are easy tools to make art wherever you are.

They are suitable for any level of expertise in mosaic art: from the beginner levels to the most advanced ones.

All the kits and mosaic sets are handmade and created in our laboratory in Umbria (Italy). We manually carve all the mosaic tiles and carefully prepare each kit.

This practical tool was born in 2016 to meet the needs of students who participate in our mosaic courses so they can practice at home and improve their technical skills and handiwork. 

The simplicity of creating your own project and the immediacy of having it at home gave rise to the idea of “DIY Mosaics” for all lovers of art, creativity and Italian manufacturing. 

We ship to all over the world.


For Italy and some European countries shipping is free (up to 30 kg - up to 66 pounds).

For all other countries and packages over 30 kg (over 66 pounds), the cost of shipping varies. 

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