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Advanced mosaic video course (manuals+exercises+kit+tool kit)

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ADVANCED MOSAIC VIDEO COURSE: 5 DIY mosaic kits, 1 exercise kit, 1 tool set box, 4 video lessons, 3 PDF manuals, 1 PDF with exercises - 2 video calls

The program of the advanced mosaic course through video courses, manuals, mosaic kits and video calls guarantees the acquisition of the basic knowledge and main skills necessary to create artistic mosaics independently , according to the canons of the Italian tradition.

The student will be virtually accompanied by the art teacher and mosaicist Tiziana Mondini through 4 pre-recorded video lessons, various practical exercises to carry out, 1 briefcase with professional tools and 2 video calls to check progress and discuss any doubts or questions, in a in-depth path that will aim to help you acquire all the basic knowledge to start your own mosaic artist business.

The advanced mosaic video course consists of:

  • 4 pre-recorded video lessons held by the mosaic master Tiziana Mondini (audio in Italian + multilingual subtitles) to watch online without viewing limits,
  • 1 PDF containing a list of exercises to perform which we recommend studying before starting to build the mosaics,
  • 4 illustrated manuals to acquire basic knowledge of the mosaic composition rules and the 3 different construction techniques: direct technique, indirect technique, ceramic mosaic also known as Trencadis. Each manual is exclusive and original and contains a detailed explanation and images of each step to follow to perform the specific mosaic technique.
  • 5 DIY mosaic kits to choose from among those contained in a list that will be sent via email.
  • 1 exercise kit.
  • 1 Case containing all the mosaicist's professional tools that will be used to carry out not only the 6 mosaic kits chosen but also future works, any type of mosaic style and technique.

KIT DETAILS: 1 tutorial kit + 5 DIY mosaic kits

The total number of mosaic kits that will be sent are 6: 1 "exercise kit" + "5 DIY mosaic kits".

The "exercise kit" contains various marble slabs which will be used for:

  • practice manual cutting of marble (fundamental in artistic mosaic),

  • learn to create mosaic tiles of various sizes depending on the type of project you are working on,

  • create correct trends ,

  • study the compositional rules that are the basis of any mosaic work.

Each mosaic kit do it yourself contains all the materials, working drawings and color schemes to be able to carry out the work chosen in the specific technique of the kit. The mosaic kits to choose must be:

  • 1 indirect technique Roman art mosaic kit with marble tiles (to be chosen),

  • 1 direct technique Roman art mosaic kit with marble tiles (to be chosen),

  • 1 direct technique Byzantine art mosaic kit with marble tiles (to be chosen),

  • 1 direct trencadis technique mosaic kit with ceramic tiles (to be chosen),

  • 1 direct technique modern mosaic kit with marble tiles (to be chosen).



The course is theoretical but above all practical. We recommend organizing the study in this order:

  1. Study of the manual "The rules of composition".

  2. Carrying out the practical exercises contained in the "Exercises" PDF. To perform these exercises, you are required to print the PDF also in B&W. For some exercises it is necessary to use a drawing pencil and an eraser (not included in the advanced mosaic video course package), while for others the materials and tools contained in the tool kit will be necessary.

  3. Choice of the first mosaic technique and style to study and execute. An example: direct technique video course + study of the direct technique manual (PDF) and start of execution of one of the kits received relating to the direct technique.

  4. The times for carrying out these operations are chosen by the student. The only constraint is given by the drying times of the glues which allow the tiles to remain attached.

  5. Arrange the first appointment via video call to clarify doubts or ask questions to the mosaic master.

Theoretical study topics:

  • presentation of all the tools and materials for creating mosaics,

  • presentation of the main techniques used to create both classic and modern mosaics.

  • presentation of the different phases and styles of mosaic throughout history.

Mosaic styles in history that will be studied and explored through the execution of the mosaics:

  • Roman mosaic.

  • Byzantine mosaic.

  • Modern mosaic.

Theoretical and practical study of techniques for creating mosaics:

  • Study of compositional rules and exercises to perform

  • Study of the direct technique: when to use it and how to perform it.

  • Study of the indirect technique: when to use it and how to perform it.

  • Study of the Trencadis technique or ceramic mosaic: when to use it and how to perform it.


No previous experience or purchase of any other special tools or tools is necessary.


At the end of the course, a PDF certificate will be sent with your name and the skills acquired with our mosaic course.


Once the video course has been purchased, an email will be sent with the list of kits to choose from, the links to access the video lessons, and the links to download the manuals.

Once the choice of kits has been communicated, they will be sent together with the case with the professional tool set within 10 days.


The total of pre-recorded video lessons is approximately 30 minutes. There are no viewing limits. The video lessons are accessible via link. PDFs can be downloaded or viewed online.


Pre-recorded video lessons accessible after purchase via a link provided via emaill.

Audio and video with explanation of all the steps necessary to proceed in the construction of the mosaic with the chosen technique.


The chosen mosaic kits will be shipped with all the materials necessary to create the chosen mosaics.

Professional tools case


Pre-recorded lessons:

  • audio in Italian,
  • multilingual subtitles (English, Spanish, French, German).
  • Illustrated guide available in various languages ​​(to be chosen before adding the kit to the cart).


The In Tessere mosaic school offers telephone and email support included in the price during the duration of course and the creation of the mosaic.

Kits for studying and practicing mosaic

Practical mosaic kits made by our school as tools for studying and practicing the mosaic art. All kits are equipped with materials, professional tools and video-tutorials.

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