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14 products

Roman, Byzantine or Modern mosaic

  • 1 complete set with materials and equipment to carry out the chosen work,
  • various drawings and schemes to facilitate the execution of the mosaic,
  • 1 illustrated manual in PDF relating to the chosen construction technique with a detailed explanation of the various steps to carry out the project,
  • 1 online video tutorial accessible via link.
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Have you always wanted to personalize your home with a unique object created by yourself? Our school offers you the opportunity to collaborate with a master craftsman who will create your mosaic work for you.

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Collection: Mosaic home interiors

Mosaic home interiors: DIY mosaic kits for table tops, home accessories, mirrors and mosaic house numbers

Create fantastic DIY mosaic home interiors items. such as table tops, home accessories, mirrors and house numbers with marble tiles and tesserae. Decorate your home with mosaic items DIY!

Each mosaic home interiors kit is equipped with:

  • an online video tutorial with subtitles in various languages,
  • an illustrative brochure in various languages,
  • tools and tiles to create your interiors mosaic items. 

Supports such as the wrought iron table structures shown in the product photos are excluded.


Mosaic home interiors kits: Mosaic table tops

In addition to the mosaic table tops shown, we can customize the design by creating an original one-of-a-kind DIY mosaic table inspired by your idea (photo or drawing).

Contact us to request a customized mosaic table kit!

DIY mosaic table top for outdoor and indoor purpose

The table tops are made with marble tiles and they can be outdoor or indoor. Also the mosaic street numbers and the mosaico mirrors items. 

All the kits are equipped with marble tile and tools. Tiles and tesserae are hand-cut and sorted out by the color. Request your personalized table, mirror or house number!