• Foto del campionario marmi della scuola In tessere che presenta rettangoli di marmo con nome e codice accanto. Il campionario è posizionato su uno sfondo verde mela e un mosaico realizzato sui toni scuri.

    Marble samples

    A useful tool for making mosaics professionally. A complete sample of all the marbles and natural stones available to be purchased in our online shop.

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  • Vertical easel for mosaic

    A necessary tool for those who want to create fantastic mosaics with the direct technique working vertically. Foldable and lightweight, it is also perfect for travel.

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  • Mosaic tool set

    A complete set with all the useful tools for mosaic to create beautiful artistic artworks: tweezers, pincers, cutter and hammer and much more.

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  • strumenti mosaicista

    Mosaic tools for mosaic art cases

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kit mosaico corredato di video e attrezzature

Everything to make mosaics professionally

With our mosaic tools and mosaic art supplies and materials, you can create extraordinary artistic mosaics, using exclusive professional tools.

In our shop, you will find the essential mosaic art tools and fine materials, including top-quality marble, natural stone, ceramic and glass, to create unique works of art.

83 products



83 products


83 products

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Our mosaic school provides professional mosaic tools and equipment and mosaic art supplies for beginners and professional mosaicists.

We ship worldwide high quality and professional sets of mosaic tools.

In our shop you will find marble tiles, mosaic cutting tools, mortar, pincher and all the tools for practicing the mosaic art.

All our tools are high quality and durable and are suitable for both professional and amateur users. 

Materials and tools for mosaics

Materials and tools for mosaic sets and kits are high-quality professional tools durable and accurate. They will help you to create great and professional mosaics with very high level results.

If you can't find the tool you are looking for, please send us an email (scuolamosaico@intessere.com).We will try to find what you are looking for!