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Mosaic Tools: the complete mosaic tool kit

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The complete mosaic tools starter kit is equipped with all the professional tools to create any style of mosaics using any technique.

The complete starter tool set for mosaic includes: 

  • n. 1 mosaic wheeled nippers for cutting enamel and ceramic tiles,
  • n. 1 nippers for cutting marble tiles,
  • n. 1 tweezers for smaller tiles,
  • n. 1 professional mosaic hammer with carbide cutting edges for clean and precise cuttings. One edge is in steel for marble and one edge is in widia for cutting enamel and ceramic,
  • n. 1 steel splitting wedge for mosaic hummer,
  • n. 3 different spatulas to spread the adhesive,
  • n. 1 samples of the available marbles colors purchasable in our shop,
  • n. 1 pack of adhesive (3 kg) suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, for marble, enamel and ceramic,
  • 1 roll of fiberglass net for mosaic (1x1 mt),
  • 1 fixative and revitalizing for mosaics (acrylic resin)100 gr.

The mosaic tools provided by In Tessere School are high-quality and professional tools used by professional mosaicists and students to make any kind of mosaic (with marble or glass).

The set is suitable for both hobbyist and professional mosaic lovers. We guarantee the highest quality of materials, resistance and professional precision.

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