Marble for mosaic

Marble to build mosaics available in two formats: pre-cut tiles or slabs to be cut independently in various colors

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Light brown marble Noisette fleury (cod. 28)

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Material: Marble or natural stone. Suitable material for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available formats: Pre-cut tiles or Slabs for cutting in 1 kg bags.

FORMAT 1: Tiles

  • Tile size: Dimensions vary from approximately 1 x 1 cm to 1 x 2 cm.
  • Tile thickness: Approximately 0.5 cm.
  • Coverage area: Approximately 20 x 50 cm.
  • Bag weight: 1 kg. Number of tiles in the bag: Approximately 500.
  • It is recommended to use marble nippers to touch up the tiles. Cut type: Manual, artistic (not done with machinery or in series).

FORMAT 2: Marble Slabs

Slabs ready to be cut with a marble cutter and hammer.

  • Slab size: Approximately 5 x 5 cm. Slab thickness: Approximately 1 cm.
  • Coverage area: Approximately 20 x 50 cm.
  • Bag weight: 1 kg.
  • Number of slabs in the bag: Approximately 16.

The dimensions of both tiles and slabs are approximate since each tile is hand-cut. The artistic cut results in a slight variation in size between tiles, but all will be useful for creating your mosaic.


Marble and natural stones


Dimensions of pre-cut tiles:

  • Approximately 500 hand-cut tiles.
  • Dimensions range from about 1 x 1 x 0.5 cm to 1 x 2 x 0.5 cm.

Dimensions of slabs to be cut with a cutter and hammer:

  • Approximately 5 x 5 x 1 cm (1 kg bag).
  • The slabs contained in a bag can be cut to obtain approximately 500 tiles.

Both solutions are useful for covering an area of approximately 20 x 50 cm.


The colors shown in the samples and in the product sheets may vary slightly from the product received.

Marble is a natural material therefore the color may have slight variations in shades.


The In Tessere mosaic school offers telephone and email assistance included in the price.

  • email :
  • telephone : (+39) 347 12 25 550
  • WhatsApp : (+39) 347 12 25 550
  • Professional Material

    The marble purchased in our shop is of professional quality , guaranteeing results of the highest level . Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments , it has high resistance even in extreme climatic conditions, such as harsh winters or high temperatures.

  • In Tessere Marble sample: a 3 pages catalogue with all the colors of the marble tesserae available online

    Marble and natural stones - 50 different colours

    Marble and natural stones have unique shades and veins , therefore the colors may vary slightly compared to the samples. Our marbles come from Italian and foreign quarries , offering a vast selection of over 50 colours .

  • Manual cutting

    Each tile and slab is cut by hand using a knife and hammer . Within our laboratory, we carry out this type of manual cutting, known as " artistic ". This process makes the dimensions of both tiles and plates non-uniform .

Tools for mosaicists

Practical and complete set of professional tools to make mosaic to buy online.

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Foto del campionario marmi della scuola In tessere che presenta rettangoli di marmo con nome e codice accanto. Il campionario è posizionato su uno sfondo verde mela e un mosaico realizzato sui toni scuri.

The marble sample

Buy our sample of available marbles.

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