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House number mosaic kit + video tutorial

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House number mosaic kit with illustrated guide and online video tutorial (indirect technique).

The kit includes:

  • Various marble tiles cut by hand
  • No. 1 pincer;
  • No. 1 spatula;
  • No. 1 drawing of the chosen work;
  • No. 1 fiberglass net;
  • No. 1 glue;
  • No. 1 sheet of transparent film;
  • n. 1 illustrated guide (in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German) with an explanation of all the steps to follow for the creation of the chosen mosaic;
  • n. 1 online video tutorial (without viewing limits) with multilingual subtitles.
  • n. 1 online video tutorial (without viewing limits) with step-by-step explanation of the indirect technique for the construction of the chosen mosaic (Italian audio and multilingual subtitles).

Construction technique: indirect technique.

Dimensions of the finished work: about 18x20 cm.

IMPORTANT : the measurements may vary slightly depending on the number you choose.

Marble: marble mosaic tiles already cut and in bags divided by color.

Video-tutorial : online mini course accessible via a link that will be sent once the kit has been purchased.

Difficulty of execution: low

Code : CIV1

Possible variations: customized variants (colors, dimensions, shape different from the one presented in the photo: separate quote (

Also available in "Gift package" version.

Our mosaic kits are handmade in our Narni workshop. They are practical tools suitable for all levels of knowledge of the art of mosaic. With the mosaic kits you can build a real mosaic art wherever you are.

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