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The In Tessere mosaic school, with over 16 years of experience, is dedicated to the dissemination of mosaic art and to the professional training of aspiring mosaic artists with specialized and professional training courses dedicated to the art of mosaic.

  • With the training courses for future mosaicists, we contribute to the enhancement of ancient art crafts, aiming to expand the knowledge of culture and mosaic art and its processing techniques.
  • The course for mosaicist of the school In Tessere (Professional course of mosaic) is aimed at professionals in the field who want to specialize in one or more sectors of the art of mosaic.
  • This course is designed for the in-depth study of mosaic techniques and the various iconographic styles of mosaic art, through a professional and high quality training.

Our professional course of mosaic:

🟥Advanced mosaic course designed for the in-depth study of mosaic techniques and the various iconographic styles of mosaic art. 
🟧 Individual course of 300 hours (theoretical and practical lessons) with calendar and start date of the course at the discretion of the student. 
🟩 Type of lessons: lectures and practical exercises and lessons.
🟧 Lecturer: Tiziana Mondini
🟪 Nominal certificate of participation at the end of the course.
🟦 Acquired skills: the student will acquire all the skills of the mosaic technique in order to practice mosaic as a profession. The course also includes the theoretical and practical study of the methodology of laying, skills that will then be put into practice through construction sites and commissions of the artistic laboratory In tessere.


tecnica del mosaico romano e bizantino nella scuola di mosaico In Tesserescuola per mosaicisti


  • History of art.
  • Design and design.
  • Laboratory: Technique and methodology of mosaic processing.
  • Laboratory: Technique and methodology of substrates and adhesives.
  • Laboratory: Study and design of the installation.
  • Technology of materials and equipment.
  • Elements of marketing.


  • Direct technique.
  • Indirect technique.
  • Cobblestone technique.
  • Direct technique with ancient mortar.
  • Direct technique on temporary support.
  • Technique in trencadis.


  • Greek and Roman mosaic.
  • Byzantine mosaic.
  • Mosaico Moderno.
  • Contemporary mosaic and sculpture.
  • Industrial mosaic.



scuola per mosaicisti in Umbria dettaglio taglio delle tessere in marmo

The first art school for mosaicists was founded in 2001 in Ravenna, with the aim of reviving the age-old craft by passing on through direct experience the ancient methodologies of the Byzantine tradition.

Over the years, thanks to the collaboration of professionals, artists and designers, ln Tessere has become a professional study center, moving between tradition and innovation, production and research. In Tessere is able to offer students a great education and a high-quality approach to mosaic art.

Our school offers a learning path aimed at acquiring the technical skills and contemporary languages necessary for career orientation.

The lessons of this professional and specialization course are composed of lectures and practical sessions, including design study and installation of individual artworks, so as to ensure students are able to deal with any contract and situation.

lezione del corso per mosaicisti di In Tessere Italia



🟩 The professional qualification of the course of mosaic designer guarantees the learning of all the skills and basic skills necessary to be able to design and create wall or floor decorations independently and competently.

🟧  The course is aimed at training a professional figure who knows how to move both in reproductions of ancient manufactures and in a contemporary, interior and exterior decoration.

🟦 The mosaic designer is a professional figure specialized in the artistic sector able to deal with any request for commission whether you work in companies or work in total autonomy.
Detailed information of the course for mosaicists.


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