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Pebble mosaic course program (basic course) on-demand / online: HOW TO CREATE A COBBLE FLOORING

The ON-DEMAND COBBLING MOSAIC COURSE training package consists of 1 pre-recorded and downloadable video lesson + telephone or email assistance.

With this short course it is possible to acquire a basic knowledge of tAll compositional rules + direct technique concerning the practice of creating a cobbled (or "pebble") mosaic.

Course duration: 1 pre-recorded video lesson lasting about 20 minutes.

On-demand: once the package of video lessons has been purchased, it will be possible to download the material through a link that will be sent to you immediately after the conclusion of the order.

Type of lessons: pre-recorded video lessons

Professor: Luca Riggio

Synthetic program of the course: 

- History of the mosaic
- Study of execution techniques
- Choice and realization of the sketch
- Execution ofmosaic work chosen independently

Equipment needed to develop your own pebble mosaic: in the theoretical lesson the materials and equipment that you will need for the realization of the mosaic in your work site will be listed. Once downloaded, the video can be viewed as many times as you want without any limit of views.

Cost: € 25 1 video lesson lasting about 20 minutes.

The In Tessere mosaic school is available to accompany students who have chosen to learn the art of pebble mosaic and answer their questions, doubts or considerations about the course purchased.

We can be reached by email ( or by telephone and WhastApp (+39 347 12 25 550).