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ADVANCED MOSAIC COURSE (video lessons + 2 mosaic kits)

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Advanced mosaic course program with video-lessons and 2 mosaic kits

Program for stydying 2 mosaic techniques (direct and indrect) with 2 mosaic kits and all the compositional mosaic tecniques.

Course duration: the total of pre-recorded video lessons is about 40 minutes.

The pack contains: virtual lessons + 2 mosaic kits (worldwide delivery) + complete and original study material.

With this course the student will acquire knowledge related to:

- all the compositional rules of the mosaic,

- indirect technique,

- direct technique.

Objectives: The video provides basic notions and explains the techniques necessary for the execution of any mosaic works using both indirect and direct technique). How to make of a mosaic is shown in detail showing all the different stage of the production.

Lessons are pre-recorded and the 2 kits can be choosen by the student (after the purchase we will send an email with the available kits).

On-demand: afer purchase, a link will be provided to access the online lessons. The DIY mosaic kits will be shipped within 5/7 days from purchase's date.

Type of lessons: pre-recorded online video lessons.

Professor: Tiziana Mondini (teacher and mosaicist).

Synthetic program of the course: 

- History of the mosaic,
- Study of execution techniques,
- Choice and creation of a sketch.
- Execution of the choosen mosaics.

Tools and materials sent with the kits: pincer, spatula, marble, glue, drawing pf the artwork and mortar.

Materials needed for executing the chooosen mosaics: we recommend to use a board as a support for creating the mosaic, some scotch tape, transparent film, a brush, glue.


Pre-recorded video lessons accessible after purchase via a link provided via emaill.

Audio and video with explanation of all the steps necessary to proceed in the construction of the mosaic with the chosen technique.


This kit includes:

  • marble tiles divided by color cut by hand;
  • n. 1 pincer for mosaic;
  • n. 1 spatula for mortar;
  • n. 1 scale drawing 1:1 of the chosen work;
  • n. 1 glass fibre net;
  • n. 1 professional adhesive (adhesive mortar);
  • n. 1 sheet of transparent film;
  • n. 1 illustrative manual (in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German) with the presentation and explanation of all the steps necessary to perform and make the chosen mosaic.
  • Unlimited access to the online video tutorial via link with multilingual subtitles


Pre-recorded lessons:

- audio in Italian,

- multilingual subtitles (English, Spanish, French, German).

- Illustrated guide available in various languages (to be chosen before adding the kit to the cart).


The In Tessere mosaic school offers telephone and email support included in the price during the duration of course and the creation of the mosaic.

Kits for studying and practicing mosaic

Practical mosaic kits made by our school as tools for studying and practicing the mosaic art. All kits are equipped with materials, professional tools and video-tutorials.

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